About selling for startups

I was UberEats' first sales manager. Before that, I built and led sales teams for 3 software (SaaS) startups. One is private and very successful. The other 2 were acquired by Square and TrustYou. I was also Yelp's first enterprise account executive.

I love selling products for normal people. I’m inspired by companies that put users before profit: Amazon, American Express, Apple, Audi, Bose, Salesforce, Spotify, Uber, Yelp and many others.

I was born in Boston, MA and grew up mostly in Cambridge, MA. My parents owned their own businesses, and I grew up working for them in marketing, operations, and sales.

I graduated in 2002 from Stanford University with a degree in Political Science and History. Despite plenty of opportunities to start a company, I instead went back to Boston to work for Harvard. Harvard was not a startup, but I followed my heart. I worked for 3 years as a research assistant in the Kennedy School of Government. I helped great professors write useful books on relevant topics.

I used to love political science. But nowadays politics bores me. Now it's all about customer success.

I moved to San Francisco and joined Yelp to sell native advertising and support the local movement. There were 30 of us in a hole-in-the-wall office on Mission Street. I never thought it would end. I got good and lucky and built the first version of our enterprise sales message and process. I met some of my best friends at Yelp and learned some of the most crucial lessons of my career. I left Yelp in 2010.

My priorities are
  1. our People (especially the ones we work with every day); 
  2. our Customers (including our partners); 
  3. our Plans;
  4. our Process and Systems; 
  5. our Message;
  6. improving all of the above, one step at a time.
I was UberEats' first sales manager. We changed the world with UberEATS. Fast. Really fast.

I admire companies like Amazon, American Express, Apple, Audi, Bose, Salesforce, Spotify, Uber, Yelp and many others that make better products for normal people. I believe we can build a successful company, make money, and make our customers successful without sacrificing product/service quality or user privacy.

I am a new husband. I love my family more than my work.

In my spare time, I love booksrivership hopmy dog Fenway, woodworking, giving back, and the Red Sox. That’s a lot for a guy who works 60 hours a week and loves his family. But I make it work.

I read a lot: generally John BarrowsBenedict Evans, Jason Lemkin, Lincoln MurphyGreg SterlingTomasz Tunguz, and Fred Wilson. I also read PandoDaily, TechCrunch, Re/Code, Grantland, Skift, and Khan Academy. I believe in educating myself every day. I like to share helpful, engrossing and relevant reading lists. I'm also working on a book about selling for tech startups.

If you're looking for someone to give you a no-BS perspective on your sales model, then let's talk.